Thank God Thats Over!!!










What a week that was. So I was taken into hospital last Thursday morning with a suspected heart attack, thank god it wasn’t. It was a condition called Pericarditis.
Pericarditis is a disorder caused by inflammation of the pericardium, the sac-like covering of the heart. It can be caused by bacterial, fungal, or viral infections. It may also be a result of injury or trauma to the chest, esophagus, or heart. Pain occurs as a result of the inflamed pericardium rubbing against the heart.

So I was on antibiotics for about 3 days through a drip as well as about 20 tablets a day. This was needed because of the Pericarditis and also that my white blood cell count had dropped quite a bit which meant I was neutropenic, this is a potentially serious side effect of chemotherapy and a major risk factor for infections, which can be life‐threatening. Luckily It looks like I’m out of the woods now and slowly building up my immune system.

I had an echocardiogram ultrasound which checks that the heart is functioning well, valved etc. That came back all clear, so the heart is strong!!!

I had a CT Scan on Tuesday morning at The QA Hospital, so they could check my lungs for clots. This scan came back clear too and also blood results were good enough for me to go home. I got let out around 8pm on Tuesday night, just in time for Man Utd vs Real Madrid. Funnily enough, my grandad was let out a few hours before me. So we both went in on the same morning and both released on the same day.

I’ve been out of hospital a couple of days now, but I’m absolutely shattered. I need to slowly build myself up over the next couple of weeks.

Chemo has finished now, no more of it. This was the worst 9 weeks of my life, I felt like crap all the way through it apart from the first week.


Thank you for all of your kind messages on Facebook to me, Angie and Maisie.  It means a lot to us all.

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