What A Crap Week!!!

Wow, what a week that was!!!
Last week started so well with me donating £1000 to the Harbour Cancer Support Centre in Gosport.
Then on Wednesday can the first day of the big 3 days of chemo, which was happily the start of the last cycle.
We got there an hour late because I was stuck on the Internet trying to get tickets to see Beyoncé at the O2 arena. I was about to give up and refreshed the page one last time, I was taken to the order page. I got us 3 tickets to see her……..Maisie’s face was a picture, she didn’t have a clue that I was trying to sort out tickets. Happy Birthday and Christmas Maisie, for the next 5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway I drove me and Angie to Southampton Hospital for treatment. Like I said we were an hour late, but sometimes, some things are more important, like making your little girl smile, especially after the last couple of years she has had. It’s not fair that she has to watch me go through this crap at 14 years old.
Anyway, chemo was going alright, but I felt a bit of a cold coming on. We carried on as normal on the Thursday, but the Friday I wasn’t feeling good at all afterwards. I think we got home in Friday around 2ish, I slumped on the sofa and apart from using the toilet and getting myself to bed, I slept right the way through till Monday lunchtime.
The only reason I woke up was my appointment with Nikki, my consultant. And that I had chemo again that afternoon.
I thought I felt low and sad after the last cycle, that was nothing!!! I’ve never cried so much in my whole life. I didn’t even have it in me to even walk to the car.
Mum drove me and Eddie to Southampton, where we met Nikki.
I explained what had been going on over the weekend with me, and how rough I was feeling. She told me that chances are, by the end of the week I’ll be admitted to hospital because I have picked up a virus. If my temperature goes up to 38c, I’ve got about an hour to get a certain type if antibiotic into my body. If I sit and wait for the temperature to drop, I will die. Well if that wasn’t a big enough incentive to get to a hospital, I don’t know what is.
About an hour later, she came out to the chemo ward and told me that she had to be blunt with me, because she knew somebody who didn’t take notice of his temperature whilst on chemo, and died.
So from Monday afternoon, every hour we took my temperature. It stayed around 36c-37c. But I was feeling worse as time went in.
So we come to Wednesday night and I go to bed as normal. Then about 2am I wake up with the worst pain in the middle of my chest. I was ignorant to it and should have gone straight to A+E.
At 4 am I called the chemo emergency number and tried to explain to them what’s going on. They told me to take some painkillers and would call me back at 830. I took a couple and managed to get a few hours sleep, sitting up, this was easier for me as there was no pressure in my chest. I woke up about 8am and the painkillers had worn off , I was in agony again. The hospital phoned and told me that I need to get myself to Southampton Hospital, I told them no because I won’t make it. It takes about 45 minutes to get there. Eddie came over, I managed to get dressed and Angie drove us to the QA Hospital.
As we were leaving, Angie told me that my Grandad had just been taken in to hospital with breathing problems.
I got to A+E and Eddie checked me in while Angie parked the car. They knew I was coming because Southampton had called them and they had everything ready for me.
I got called straight through to another room, where I explained what had been going on overnight. The Dr said that the ECG machine was on its way so they could test my heart.
About 5 minutes later the test was done and the nurse said that she needs to get the Dr to check it……..
By this time, Angie, Micheal, Eddie and mum were with me.
Next thing I know the Dr came back, told me that I needed to get onto another bed because I was going with the crash team to resuscitation. I was having a heart attack. All I remember is seeing Angie slumped on the chair crying. We got to the resus area where we saw Angie’s sister and niece, Jayne and Naomi waiting to see what was going on. Then it was floods of tears everywhere.
They need room for me so they could do tests but there wasn’t any room. They managed to juggle around a bit and moved a patient out to make room. Turned out they moved my grandad for me. Nobody told him I was in as well, he didn’t need the extra worry.
The crash team did what they had to do to me, some blood tests and another ECG. The Dr whose name is Martyn was asking me lots of questions about the previous few days. After about half an hour he concluded that I DIDN’T have a heart attack and that the ECG machine is so sensitive it really did look like I did have one.
He went on to say that he thought it was a condition called Pericarditis. Pericarditis is inflammation of the pericardium – the sac which surrounds the heart. Pericarditis causes chest pains. Most cases are due to a viral infection which usually goes away within a few weeks. And it also shows the same sort of readings as a heart attack on an ECG machine.
So I was treated with antibiotics for this and moved to my own room on the oncology ward.
I’m still in hospital now and will be for a few more days.
I’m having antibiotics pumped in me every 6 hours for half hour at a time which will sort out the infection.

So that’s why I’ve been quiet on here for the last week or so.

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