Hello Everyone


Well, I’ve just really woken up after Friday’s treatment. I’m still alive and kicking, just sleeping more than ever over the weekend.

I thought the first cycle was hard work, the second cycle absolutely smashed me!!! I didn’t even make it to Fratton Park on Saturday to watch the might Pompey get beat for a change. Sunday wasn’t much better either, slept all day long, but managed to wake up to watch Dancing on Ice and Mr Selfridge. Oh I think I had a bit of dinner as well, you know what I can’t really remember (chemo brain).

Monday was my next chemo day.

I got there with mum and Eddie about 130ish looking to get a blood test form, see my consultant, Nikki, then get some chemo inside me. Monday’s chemo was (B) Bleomycin. I got into the chemo ward about 540, only 2 hours behind schedule, because of one thing or another…………….God that was a long day again, just for half hour of treatment.

While I was waiting I had a visit from Pete and Jo, they had flown in from Jersey, just to see me!!!! ┬áNo not really, Pete was back for a CT Scan and a meet with his consultant Matt Wheater. It was really good to see them both, and so upbeat. I saw him about a 3 weeks ago and he was having a real rough time with the chemo. I now know what he meant when he was saying how crap it does get. Anyway I got a text message from him about 830 last night, telling me that the consultant is really happy with the way he’s chemo went. His overgrown lymph gland had shrunk from over 4cm to 2cm, which is amazing. It will continue to shrink over the coming months. This is amazing news and he really deserves a break now. Speaking of which, have a good time in Turkey mate!!!!

I got in at 705pm absolutely mullered. Sleep, sleep, sleep, until the rain starting smashing down on our roof, whatever time that was.

I think I got up about 9am this morning, had a lovely breakfast from Angel-a and settled down for some Jezza, This Morning, Loose Women, Real Deal, The Chase……I live rock ‘n’ roll.

Just before Angie went to work, she works hard, even more so at the minute, cos I’m no use whatsoever and that really does my head in,dinner arrived, then more sleep.

I’m awake now and sorting out banners for the Portsmouth2Paris Cycle Ride and selling my replica Olympic Torch for charity.

Might go back to sleep now though!!!


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