Cycle 2

We got woken up at 8 this morning by Maisie shouting up the stairs.
Someone turned the alarm off and went back to sleep. Anyway, we rushed around and was still out of the door by 820. Dropped Maisie off at school, then made our way to Southampton hospital.
About 945 I was being hooked up to the treatment. First off it’s an hour of potassium and saline. Today treatment was (E) Etoposide and (P) CisPlatin.
At 1045 the nurse started the (P), this was for 2 hours.
It was then time for the (E), this an hour of so and absolutely stinks when your peeing. So all in all, including the flush through before, in between and after the chemo, the whole days treatment was 6 and half hours.
We met with another couple again who were going through it. Steve and Sheila come from New Milton. He’s 62 and he was diagnosed before Christmas with testicular cancer. Steve is on his 4th and last cycle if his treatment and seems to be in the same mindset as me.
We had a good day, which helps in the head, laughing and joking, but not TOO much because you shouldn’t be happy when you’re having chemo…….beard!!!
It’s nice to meet nice people, like Pete a few weeks ago.
We’re all in it together.

Anyway time for some sleep now, I’m knackered!!!!

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