Wow, I Can’t Believe It

I got to the hospital around 130pm, took the ticket got weighed and sat down to wait for my consultant.
Nikki called us in about 150pm.
The conversation was much the same as last week and the week before.
How I’m feeling in my head and have I felt Ill at all.
I’ve been good apart from the hair loss, but it is ONLY hair.
We spoke about getting fit for the Great South Run in October and that Nikki took part as well last year.
Looking back I had a sob story to go with it. Didn’t know it at the time but I did have ‘c’. That’s why I struggled, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…..
I booked myself in for treatment next week and to see Nikki as well and went to have a nice hot chocolate with mum.
Around 6pm I got an unexpected from from my consultant Nikki, she told me earlier if there any problems with my blood results, she’d phone me to let me know.
She asked me ‘Can you remember what your tumour markers were at the beginning of my treatment?’
I told her ‘Yes, they were 4040′.
She then went on to say that after today’s blood test, they had dropped to 32…………32, I couldn’t believe it, just one cycle of chemo has nearly eradicated it!!!!
I thanked Nikki for calling and hung up.
Just 7 weeks ago the markers were 90 odd, then within weeks rapidly climbed to over 4000.
The markers should normally be below 2 so over 4000 is quite high.
Next cycle of treatment starts on Wednesday, hopefully by the end if the week the markers will be back to normal and I’ll be cured before I start the next cycle in 4 weeks time.


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