Fifth Day Of Treatment

20130121-175418.jpgSo I go to bed last night about 11pm with a bit of pain in my lower back……nothing a bit of sleep won’t sort out. Or so I thought.
About 10 minutes later I’m in agony, the pain was excruciating. Travelling down my legs to my feet, around into my chest and down my arms.
This went on all night. I was on my back, front, side, hands and knees, bloody all sorts of positions. Just to try to ease the pain. Angie covered my back in Voltarol, I had a hot cherry stone cushion and a massage cushion on my back as well. Angie had about 2 hours sleep too, she said I was keeping her awake, virtually crying in my sleep.
None of this made a difference at all. At 4am I ventured downstairs in agony and caved in to co-codamol. This must have worked because the next thing I know, I was waking up at 730 in agony.
At 8am I called the surgery and spoke to Dr Gohil, he told me to get myself to the surgery at 910am. I get there and see Dr Mwaharawa who tells me I’ve got sciatica. Perfect, after the last 2half years I’ve had, I’m being KOd by a bloody nerve.

Anyway mum drove me to Southampton Hospital again today for the last treatment of this cycle.
Today should be much the same as last week with me receiving the (B) Bleomycin.
We got there at 1pm and was told that I was booked in for 330pm. So I had my blood taken and went to sit and wait for Dr Nikki Teay.
I got called in to see Nikki at 320pm and went through the routine stuff, how I’m feeling, listen to chest etc.
I then got booked for cycle 2 if treatment which will start on Weds 30th Jan.
A few minutes after I went into the toilet, did what I had to do then washed my hands and run my fingers through my lovely silver hair.
I had a handful of hair………….
I know it’s only hair, but to have that first lump come out hits home. I am not at all bothered or worried about losing my hair but the initial handful is a big thing to me!!!
At 320pm the nurse rigged me up to the drip and we were away. 30 minutes of (B) today was all I had and it went through in a lot less time than that.
So all in all today was a lot quicker which makes me feel better too.

Only 2 cycles left!!

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