Fourth Day of Treatment

Really should be taking it seriously!!! Don't really know what that was on my head.....

Really should be taking it seriously!!! Don’t really know what that was on my head…..

What a difference 24 hours make…
Yesterday morning I wake up to one of the best views anybody can wake up to. Patio doors in the bedroom wide open, bright sun blazing in on me. It was lovely.
Today though, I could bearly see Portchester Castle from my bed. It was snowing, grey and cold. BUT I was still wrapped up in a lovely warm bed.

I was booked in to see Dr Simmonds at 2pm and also for a blood test too.
Todays Day 4 of treatment. Which is (B) Bleomycin.
I get chauffeured to the hospital by mum and Eddie. We get there around 140pm and check in.
Gus gets me through straight away for my blood test, which he had a go at, but I wasn’t playing ball and not giving any blood away. Anyway we got it sorted and blood was taken.
Next step was to see Nichola who is part of my oncology team. She asked me how I’m feeling with the treatment and what drugs I’ve been taking to combat the sickness etc………

I think I’m ok on the treatment although I’ve not slept so much in my whole life!!!
She also went on to tell me that my tumour markers at the start of treatment were elevated to 4040, only about 4000 out of range…..although the treatment WILL significantly reduce these markers. And at the end of treatment, should be back to normal at <2.
I was due to start the treatment at 330pm, but for some reason, the clinic is running 2 hours behind, so at least 530pm is the target. It’s honestly the last thing I need when I feel so mullered, but, there you, that’s the way it is and it’s no-ones fault. Although I was just a bit p****d off with it.
We got called through to the ward at 515pm and put my hand in a heat pad to try to tempt some veins out. Some 15 minutes later I’m hooked up and ready to go.
At 6pm the (B) Bleomycin was rigged up. This lasted around half hour.
I fancied some Fruit Pastels so mum and Eddie went off to get some tea and sweets. I thought I would get a pack of them, but no it was a big bag if them. I soon went through them….mouth like sandpaper now.

So all in all a 2half hour day lasted nearly 6 hours.
Lets hope next Mondays treatment will be better.
I’m off to do some shut eye.


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