Third Day Of Treatment

Sorry, struggling to raise a smile today!!!

I think I went off about don’t know what time, then went to bed around 1100pm. ALthough I do remember having hiccups in the night, not just normal hiccups, but one loud one and a burp straight after. About one every half hour or so.
I got up about 9am and stumbled down the stairs to some crumpets and a cup of tea waiting for me…..thanks Ang!!!
We left home at 1130 to go to the QA Hospital to visit my nan who has been in for 2 weeks with a chest infection then pneumonia. She’s fighting it well although It Is a struggle for her.
Angie then drove us to Southampton hospital, picking mum up on the way through. We got there around 1pm.
Spoke to Gus with regards to the treatment and what i can expect to be feeling like.

Risk of infection
BEP can reduce the number of white blood cells, which help fight infection. White blood cells are produced by the bone marrow. If the number of your white blood cells is low you’ll be more prone to infections. A low white blood cell count is called neutropenia.  Neutropenia begins seven days after treatment and your resistance to infection is usually at its lowest 10–14 days after chemotherapy. The number of your white blood cells will then increase steadily and usually return to normal before your next cycle of chemotherapy is due.

I went through and got hooked up to the chemo about 130pm. Today was the (E) Etoposide on It’s own, so it was half day, although it was still 4ish hours today.

I’m now at home chilling on the sofa again waiting for my Korma to hurry up!!!

So lets see how I feel tomorrow and a possible visit to Fratton Park to support the not so might BLUES!!!

Anyway thats about it for now, back in hospital on Monday for blood test, and the (B) Bleomycin.

Thanks for your support this week, WE really really do appreciate it!!!

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