Second Day Of Treatment

Well that was a long bloody day!!!
It started of with me waking up at 319am and not being able to get back to sleep until after 5am. Then up at 730 to get to the hospital. So I’ve been playing catchup all day. Feeling sick and tired for most if it.
Myself and Angie got to the hospital at 915 and met up with Peter and Jo at the main entrance.
We went off to check in and I was rigged up by 930……bloody hell that was painful!!! And I’ve got no problems with needles, I was nearly in tears. She really struggled for what seemed like forever. Anyway man-up.
By this time Peter had arrived and was ready to be hooked up to his treatment too. He is on his last full day of BEP and was knackered today. Another hero!!!
Today’s treatment was the same as yesterday but with the (B) Bleomycin added to it.
So I’ve now had the full BEP. Today’s treatment lasted 8 hours, and I’m shattered.
Then just to top it off, we left the hospital at 6pm and didn’t get home till 7pm. Just what’s needed, but there you go, you can’t have it all!!!
So I’m back tomorrow for the last treatment if the week, which is only a short one, thank f***.
I’m now on the sofa chilling out.

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