First Day Of Treatment…. Proper

Last night was shite, couldn’t sleep at all…..Had the same feeling I had the night before 2 FA Cup Finals, and the AC Milan game at Fratton Park. What a weirdo, comparing some of the best times of my life to this, haha!!!

So we leave home at 815, drop Maisie off ready for school and SLOWLY get to Southampton Hospital. We arrive at around 915, check in and virtually 15 minutes later I’m rigged up to the IV machine.
The type of chemo I’m on is called BEP.
It started off with a litre or so of saline solution to help flush through my kidneys.
Then came the (E) of BEP, Etoposide which is 1.1 litre of colourless fluid.
Once that was done, I had the next one one which is the (P) of BEP, CisPlatin, which is essentially liquid platinum. Again this is a colourless liquid. This lasted for 2 hours.
After this I was given saline again, to flush my kidneys out again.

So there is a lot of sitting around and going to the toilet every 15 or so minutes. 5 litres of fluid going in needs to be coming out at some point!!!

A few minutes after we got settled another young couple came in and joined us, they were Peter and Jo who live in Guernsey. Peter was diagnosed with testicular cancer in October last year and is on his last cycle of BEP. Its amazing, 10 hours ago we didn’t know them at all, but we know a bit about each other now. It’s also nice for me to be talking to someone who has been through the treatment and can explain a bit more to me. Obviously everybody will be different on the treatment, but it helps.
Hopefully we’ll be “shoved” in the same corner with them tomorrow.

I’m booked in again for 930 tomorrow and will be receiving the full BEP, which includes (B) Bleomycin. This is a powder that dissolves to form a colourless liquid.

Also had a Get Well Soon card made for me by my nephew Barney, that perks you up!!!

Oh spot the fat git in the picture…….bet you can’t!!!

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