More Tests……….Apparently

I spoke to my nurse on the 3rd January with regards to starting treatment because we were hopeful that it would be starting on the first Monday of January. This was the plan anyway before Christmas when I spoke to Dr Simmonds last.
So I turn today, with Mum and Maisie, at Southampton Hospital and nobody there knew what I was doing there. Eventually after 2 hours and me finally getting hold of a consultant to see whats going on, we sat down with a registrar.
She apologised to me and explained what the chemo will entail. I then signed a consent form and went for another blood test so they could check the tumour markers in my blood. In August they were normal at <2, In November they were 97.2 and just a week before Christmas they were 332. Lance Armstrong’s were 109,000. So in comparison mine are still low!!!
She went off to find out what time I was booked into the hospital for the start of my treatment. \a few minutes later she came back and told me that I’ve not been booked In at all, and she would find out and call me by the end of the day.
At 7pm I was still waiting for a phone call, so I called the Oncology unit and got put through to a nurse on the ward, who said she would find out what she could for me and would call me back. Around 15 minutes later she DID call back, telling me that I have been booked in for treatment on Wednesday 9th January and I should be there for 9am. I was so grateful to her for that because I would have still been in limbo.
I just find It amazing that I’m going in for chemotherapy and I’m chasing the hospital…….
Anyway thats done now, roll on tomorrow morning!!!

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