I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again!!!

Today I had to go to Southampton General again. MORE results.
Angie and I got to the reception at 10am, for a 1030 appointment. I got weighed and had some blood taken by someone who was learning how to do it, shit, that’s all I need, but without these ‘learners’ we’d be stuffed!!!

I finally got to see Dr Simmonds at about 1115. He asked me how am I feeling? I told him I felt really good, apart from my head , which is all over the place. He went on to tell us that I’m still clear from the GIST (stomach tumour), which means the Imatinib treatment that I’m in is still working and also clear from the seminoma (testicular cancer), which made us both feel a lot better.
Dr Simmonds had a feel around of my nut and was happy that it’s normal.
He also said that the para aorta lymph gland has a growth of some description on it. They’re not sure what it is but they are not TOO concerned about it. They can normally tell straight away if its something sinister and this doesn’t. But they will be keeping an eye on it.
My blood markers are still normal, so I’m still cancer FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be having another scan in February next year to see if it’s changed in any way!!!

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